Meerkat Manor - Rescue Mission01:33

Meerkat Manor - Rescue Mission

Young OnesEdit


Alonzo with her sisters and a still born pup

Alonzo was born into the Young Ones mob sometime before 1998.  She was first seen being evicted by the dominant and joining up with her possible sisters, Mourning and Flower and 3 lazuli rovers Zaphod, Butch cassidy and Orinoco.  This was a formation


The group was called the Whiskers and they collared Mourning and Orinoco who took dominance.  A month later Alonzo took her change to stardom when Mourning was weak from a battle and overthrew her thow was kind enough to let her stay in the clan.  Finnaly on sometime in June 1998, she gave birth to a litter unfortunately none of them survived to adulthood nor were named.    On September thow, she gave birth to a single female pup, Izzy.  Unfortunately she didnt manage to have any other surviving litters and was predated by a Goshawk in May 1999.  Her succesor was Flower who had many offspring (12 litters).


Alonzo October 1998


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