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Hello :). Some of you may have heard of my other Wikia-- A meerkat life. Thow unfortunately i had to give it up. Now, i have came back with a new meerkat role play wikipedia "Be A Meerkat".

If you havn't heard or seen about my other wikia or don't know what a Meerkat or A role-play is then here is what: A meerkat is a creature that lives in many zoos and the Kalahari Desert in Africa. They are small creatures that look a bit like rats, thow they are extremly cute! especially the baby ones.

If this hasn't been enough well a Role Play is something where you play a character or an Animal ext.

Finnaly, Please know that it would be very helpful to add and edit pages and invite all your friends, since we could really use with the help! :D

Have a good time and remember any questions you have will be answered as quickly as possible if you message a staff member.

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