A tribute to Mourning Young Ones

A tribute to Mourning Young Ones

Young OnesEdit

Mourning was first seen being evicted from the Young Ones and joining up with her sisters Alonzo and Flower.  They met up with Zaphod, Butch Cassidy and Orinoco(Who seemed t


Mourning being evicted and Chased away

o be very intrested in Mourning).   This was a new group.


It was named The Whiskers.  Surprisingly despite Mourning being kinda wimpy and easily creeped out she took dominance of the Whiskers and became the first ever dominant female of the Whiskers(Many would follow).  A month later and Mourning had been weakind by a fight with the Young Ones.  Unfortunately her sister Alonzo took this as a chance and overthrew her, but Mourning was lucky to not be evicted.  A year passed by and Alonzo died.  Thow, before she could take dominance she died in a fight with the Young Ones.  Flower took dominance soon after and gave birth to 12 whole surviving litters.

Mourning just before the big fight.