The Whiskers were formed in Early 1998.  They contained 3 Females-- Alonzo, Mourning and their sister Flower.  They also contained 3 Lazuli rovers-- Zaphod, Butch Cassidy and their Couzin Orinoco.  Despite the Whiskers being so small, only 6 meerkats they were all around 5-8 years old, and Orinoco, even though he was the youngest in the whole group seemed to be the strongest and most experienced meerkat in the clan.  It wasnt long before Mourning and Orinoco took Dominance.  1 month later thow Mourning lost dominance to Alonzo who ruled for a year with Orinoco until she was predated and Flower took dominance and so on, so on.

Through their good and bad times, The whiskers are still around today with Dasher and Bruce as their dominant couple.

Dominant PairsEdit

At first, Mourning and Orinoco took dominance.  Thow it wasnt a month Before Mourning, weak after a battle with the Young Ones was overthrew by Alonzo.  A year later, Alonzo was predated by a GosHawk and her sister Flower took dominance for 2 years.  Mid 2001, Zaphod and Butch cassidy went roving. Late 2002, Flower died and her Daughter Bananas took dominance, thow related Orinoco also went roving just to dissapear with Zaphod and Butch Cassidy.  Bananas eventually fell pregnant but before she could give birth she dissapeared after a battle with the Lazuli and was presumed killed. Her Sister, Spofi took Dominance and ruled for a long 5 years before she dissapeared leaving her only 1 year old Daughter Dasher as the dominant female.  Soon After a group of rovers from The Mayans joined the Group(Bruce, Homestar, Runner, Phillipe, Ash, Gijima, Mr.Scruff, Monsoon, Moon, Rhogan, Josh, Rafola, Scampi and Cantona) with Bruce taking Dominance beside Dasher.  There has been no changes in dominance except for Bruce having a bit of trouble from his brothers and for a short few months being subordinate under HomeStar.

Current MembersEdit

Dasher Dominant female (Played by Sophie the Meerkat)

Bruce Dominant male (Available)

Homestar (Available)

Runner (Available)

Phillipe (Available)

Ash (Available

Gijima (Available)

Mr.Scruff (Available)

Monsoon (Available)

Moon (Available)

Rhogan (Available)


Dasher March 2014

Josh (Available)

Rafola (Available)

Scampi (Available)

Cantona (Available)

Mozart (Available)

Kinkaju (Available)

De (Available)

Bruce February 2014


Homestar Janaury 2014

La (Available)

Soul (Available)

Armanita (Available)